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Hagleitner – The Company

Since 1971, Hagleitner has been standing for innovative hygiene. The company attaches importance to an attractive and functional design for all their products and hygiene solutions. Their production facility is located at their head office in Zell am See – from paper finishing and dispenser production to chemical-technical production, which is considered the most modern in Europe. Would you like to get to know Hagleitner better? In this short film, we introduce the company and give you fascinating insights into the company.

XIBU Range
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High capacity dispensers that “never need to run out”


The XIBU towel roll has up to 850 sheets and when that roll is reduced to about 300 sheets it automatically drops to a lower position within the dispenser enabling a new roll to be installed. Therefore you will always have between 300 and 1150 sheets available – no more run outs or frustrated staff or clients.

Similarly the XIBU toilet tissue dispenser holds two rolls of 950 sheet soft 2ply tissue and when the first roll is completed the second roll drops into place allowing a replacement roll to be placed within a normal janitor cycle. You will always have between 950 and 1900 sheets of 2ply or 560 to 1120 of the luxury 3ply toilet tissue.

The XIBU matching foam soap dispenser holds a cartridge that has a capacity of up to 2000 portions of a smooth velvety foam soap to be dispensed. When that cartridge is finished you will still have 200-300 portions available in the reserve reservoir within the dispenser.

That’s why they all “never need to run out”.

Add to this outstanding and exciting decors that will transform any washroom plus a no-touch option will provide a system that will impress your visitors and staff and control your costs more effectively.