We offer a wide variety of essential cleaning products that can help you perform your housekeeping tasks with ease.  We supply catering products and laundry products to cleaning chemicals from industry leading brands such as Fairy, Finish, Genie, Selden, Viakal etc - so you are guaranteed to find the best cleaning products here.

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FAIRY Washing Up Liquid 900ml (Single)

Fairy Original Washing Up Liquid is designed to last longer and clean better than other leading brands

Finish Granular Salt 5kg

Prevents lime scale build-up: A cleaner machine means lower chance of malfunctioning parts

FINISH Powerball tablets

Eliminates tea stains, For dishes that sparkle clean

Green Scouring Pad 9 x 6 (Pack of 10)

Standard and heavy-duty quality scouring pads designed to easily remove tougher dirt

Sponge Scourer Green (Pack of 10)

A durable, dual-sided sponge; a green scourer for more stubborn stains and a soft, yellow sponge to lift remaining debris