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We offer a wide variety of essential cleaning products that can help you perform your housekeeping tasks with ease.  We supply catering products and laundry products to cleaning chemicals from industry leading brands such as Fairy, Finish, Genie, Selden, Viakal etc - so you are guaranteed to find the best cleaning products here.

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REACT Liquid Acid Cleaner, Descaler & Renovator (1Litre)

Superstrength formula that works strongly as your toilet cleaner and descaler. With a strong blend of hydrochloric acid, cationic ad non-ionic surfactants, React is guaranteed to remove stubborn limescale build-ups from your toilet giving it a new look. Ideal for hard water areas and renovating older toilets.

SELDEN Oven Cleaner Trigger 750ml

Removes baked on blood and food residues from ovens and grills