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Neutral Cleaner/Det 10% active 5 Litre

Gives streak free drain drying of glassware and crockery

REACT Liquid Acid Cleaner 1ltr

Superstrength formula removes stubborn limescale buildups, For ceramic toilets and urinals.

SELDEN Oven Cleaner Trigger 750ml

Removes baked on blood and food residues from ovens and grills

SELDEN Selgiene C500 Extreme

Selgiene Extreme cleans and sanitises frequently touched items such as door handles, tables, banisters etc. and is suitable for damp mopping floors. Independently proven to kill the Norovirus, HIV, Hepatitis C and H1N1 Influenza viruses

SELDEN Stainless Steel Cleaner

For rapid cleaning and polishing of all stainless steel, chrome, aluminium and enamel