Environmental Policy

Nationwide Paper Ltd is committed to minimizing the impact of its activities on the Environment through the policy framework below:

Our environmental policy states that policy is:

  • To ensure compliance with all current, relevant environmental legislation and other requirements
  • To monitor and measure the environmental impacts of our activities, products, and services
  • To identify opportunities to reduce any possible environmental impact of the business activities
  • To ensure the efficient use of energy, water, and other natural resources within the business
  • To take all reasonable steps to prevent pollution at local and a wider environmental level
  • To minimise waste and employ sound waste management and recycling practices both internally and amongst suppliers
  • To encourage suppliers to develop good environmental practices
  • To develop emergency procedures to deal with any significant environmental hazard that may arise from the activities within the business
  • To maintain a training program which ensures that:
    • This policy is understood, implemented, and maintained at all levels within the company
    • The objectives of the business are supported

To ensure the effectiveness of this policy and to evaluate the continual improvement of environmental performance; objectives and targets shall be established, measured, and reviewed. This policy will be made available to all interested parties.