We offer a wide variety of essential cleaning products that can help you perform your housekeeping tasks with ease.  We supply catering products and laundry products to cleaning chemicals from industry leading brands such as Fairy, Finish, Genie, Selden, Viakal etc - so you are guaranteed to find the best cleaning products here.

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Bio Laundry Powder 10kg

For use with on premise laundry and for hand washing, Effective against MRSA, With active biological action

Cosmic Mirror & Glass Cleaner

For use on glass, mirrors, windows and plastics, Also effective as a stainless steel cleaner.

Cosmic Mirror & Glass Cleaner (1ltr)

To be used on glass, mirrors, windows, and plastics, also effective as a stainless steel cleaner. Removes grease and dirt from glass easily A super quick-drying mirror cleaner No streaks guarantee This cosmic mirror and glass cleaner spray removes fingerprints and insects marks

DETTOL Anti-Bac Cleaner 750ml (Pack of 4)

Kills 99.9% of Bacteria and Viruses, Contains No Bleach, No Odour or Taint

Dishwash Powder

Dishwash Powder 5kg, Suitable for use as a hand feed powder for domestic and commercial dishwashers.

Elite Furniture Polish

For use on wood, formica and plastics

Finish Granular Salt 5kg

Prevents lime scale build-up: A cleaner machine means lower chance of malfunctioning parts

FLASH Lemon Cleaner

Dissolves grease & dirt, Leaves a fresh, pleasant scent

Lemon Floor Gel All Purpose Cleaner

Made from natural citrus and vegetable oil derived emulsifiers and designed to be environmentally friendly. Ideal for damp mopping solutions for all surfaces

Limelite Spray 500ml

Limelite Spray is what you need when you have stubborn limescale around your kitchen or bathroom

Multi Purpose cleaner

All purpose cleaning concentrate, ideal for removing soil, grease and heel marks from all synthetic floors, Also excels on all non-porous surfaces.

Neutral Cleaner/Det 10% active 5 Litre

Gives streak free drain drying of glassware and crockery