Innovative Washroom Hygiene Solutions by HAGLEITNER

Innovative Washroom Hygiene Solutions by HAGLEITNER

Hagleitner is a family run business, established in 1971, producing modern and innovative hygiene solutions from their production facility in Europe. With presence over 12 countries and 177 distribution partners in 63 countries, they maintain a very strong international presence.  Their product range includes touchless soap and paper, customized dosing systems for washing machines and dishwashers, and highly effective cleaning agents. Aesthetically and functionally designed Hagleitner products that serves public institutions, hotels, health & care industry and many more, makes them stands out in the market. The company produces their products in Austria with its production line mainly focus on the below categories;

  • Chemical Production

They produce chemical cleaning and hygiene products on their own fully automated production and filling lines.

  • Dispenser Production

They have Europe’s most modern dispenser production site that manufactures dispensers in large amount.

  • Paper Processing

The production of towels, industrial paper and toilet paper is done on a two paper conversion machines and then processed into individual rolls.

As a technology driven modern chemical-technical production company with high-quality functional products and a brand promise "Innovative Hygiene", Hagleitner is setting great example on how to move towards a digital washroom world.

Hybrid Technology for Dispensers (XIBU Hybrid)

Hagleitner made possible to utilise dispenser data with their hybrid technology for hand sanitising, toilet seat disinfection, toilet paper, toilet paper moistening, foam soap, paper towels, skin protection and room scents. The utilisation data is directly sent to your smartphone allowing you to sustainably and efficiently manage the dispensers. With an elegant design and one-of-a-kind technology, the hybrid dispenser helps to keep you informed on the filling level, consumption, energy status and service requirements. These data get sends to a cloud that stores and remembers all the information before sending to your smartphone, which makes these hybrid dispensers a communicative high-quality durable product.

  • Dispenser data is exclusively stored and secured by high-end encryption
  • With matt and shiny surface alternates, hybrid dispensers are very elegant and stylish in look
  • Energy is provided via mains, battery, or energyBOX that allows allow 40,000 dispensing processes
  • The data can be viewed through your smartphone, tablet or PC around the clock
  • These hybrid dispensers transmit and receives data and can be set on the smartphone with the help of XIBU app.

Washroom Refills            

The company has a self-developed refill system for washroom dispensers with a patented VaccumBAG that offers 95% of less product wastage. The award winning refill formulas are developed in the in-house laboratory and later on produced in in-house chemical plant.   Their disinfection and cosmetic products, that comply with the European biocide regulation, is also approved by EU Ecolabel, the Austrian eco-label and EN ISO 13485. The speciality of vaccumBAG;

  • Real fly weight – 60 percent lighter than conventional refill containers
  • Slender and slim – the bag can shrink to 10 percent of its original volume as the contents inside gets empty reducing waste generation
  • The Geneva Innovation Prize was awarded to vacuumBAG due to its patented vacuum technology preventing contents from getting contaminated with germs or drying out
  • Easy refilling with color and symbol coding

Hagleitner also has a hygiene portal that combines digital tools for you to learn about hybrid dispensers, company-relevant hygiene courses, and several up-to-date hygiene topics. Nationwide Paper offers complete washroom supplies as an exclusive supplier of Hagleitner hygiene systems in the U.K. We are the leading distributors for their;

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