Katrin Folded Towels

Nationwide Paper offers high quality, cost-effective paper products suitable for all your daily cleaning requirements. Paper cleaning products are widely used in households and commercial environments. Whether you are looking for bulk packs or jumbo toilet rolls, we got it all covered for you. Our range of disposable paper products includes a variety of dispenser toilet rolls, hygiene rolls, interfold hand paper towels, facial tissues etc ready to supply to factories, offices, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and homes.

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White KATRIN One Stop (2ply, Pack of 2310)

Quality Interleaved (One Stop, W-Fold) hand towels, 2-Ply, white

White KATRIN One Stop Hand Towel (3ply, Pack of 2250)

High quality interleaved (one-stop), hand towels for everyday use. These are self-presenting towels, one sheet at a time maintaining hygiene and helps in reduced consumption. High-quality luxury 3ply pure paper towel that is highly economical and versatile, useful to dry hands and utensils, wipe surfaces and mop up spills quickly and efficiently.

White KATRIN One Stop L2 (2ply, Pack of 2310)

Quality Interleaved (One Stop) hand towels, 2-Ply, white