Plastic Food Containers with Lids 500ml

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Plastic Food Containers with Lids 500ml | Nationwide Paper

  • HEAVY DUTY & FEATURES: Our food storage containers are designed to be extra strong, durable, and leak-proof, with stackable, airtight lids to maintain food quality. They are crafted from recyclable materials
  • STORAGE CAPACITY: Each container has a capacity of 500ml
  • SECURE LEAK-PROOF DESIGN: These meal prep containers feature a reliable leak-resistant design, ensuring safe storage and transportation while optimizing kitchen storage space with their stackable design
  • DISHWASHER & MICROWAVE COMPATIBILITY: Our containers are dishwasher and microwave safe, allowing for easy cleaning and reheating of meals
  • USAGE: Widely used in restaurants, cafes, hotels, food stalls, parties, schools, and homes, these takeaway containers with lids are versatile for storing fruits, vegetables, leftovers, to-go meals, snacks, and even non-food items like nuts and bolts