Wooden Forks Disposable

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Wooden Forks Disposable | Nationwide Paper

A great alternative to plastic, better for the Health and the Planet Chic, Stylish, Modern, Cool are just some of the words you will hear from guests

  • Material: Wood: Made from high-quality wood, these forks ensure durability and a sturdy feel, offering customers a natural and organic dining experience that enhances meal presentation and enjoyment
  • Colour: Brown: The rich brown hue adds a rustic and elegant touch to any table setting, providing customers with versatile utensils that can complement both casual and formal decor
  • Brand: Nationwide Paper: Nationwide Paper is a trusted name in sustainable disposable tableware, ensuring that customers receive Eco-friendly and reliable products they can depend on for various occasions
  • Handle Material: Birch Wood: Crafted from birch wood, these forks offer a smooth and comfortable grip, providing customers with utensils that are both strong and reliable for all types of food
  • Finish Type: Brushed: The brushed finish gives a sleek and sophisticated appearance, offering customers an enhanced dining experience with utensils that feel premium and smooth to the touch