Quick Service Cleaning Routine – Find the right Cleaning Supplies

Quick Service Cleaning Routine – Find the right Cleaning Supplies

A quick-service restaurant (QSR) also known as fast food restaurant within the industry, is a type of restaurant that serves fast food cuisine with minimal table service. As the name suggests these restaurants are quick moving with their service and often turn out to be crowded. As the staff is constantly under the pressure to provide the best customer experience without sacrificing the quality, it might get difficult to maintain a hygienic environment for such businesses. Consequently wiping, spraying tables and using sanitising cleansers can often affect the effectivity of the service and delivery time which can leave you with a dissatisfied customer in queue.

But why is constant cleaning essential in QSRs?

Service Area: A clean atmosphere can speak for the business by creating a positive brand image in customer’s minds. The first impression, that a restaurant can create, comes from the environment presented in front of the customer. Cleanliness is a vital part of making an environment appear attractive and welcoming especially in the food industry as it is directly connected to the quality of the food and service provided, customer trust can only be gained through a visibly clean environment. Kitchen: Cleanness levels in the kitchen must also be equally managed, along with service area, to ensure safe food preparation and hygienic handling. Food poisoning, common colds, viruses and bacterial infections can happen as a result of dirty surfaces and equipment since germs can makes their way into the dishes and drinks that is served putting customers' health at risk. It is extremely important to regularly sanitise the kitchen area and keep sterilizing and switching cooking equipment and kitchen utilities to ensure maximum cleanliness. Employees: Staff hygiene is a major factor and plays important role in overall restaurant hygiene. Training the staffs about personal hygiene as well as commercial hygiene is equally significant for safe handling of customers. Handwash before and in between performing tasks and wearing clean uniform, appropriate PPE kit as per requirement, proper headgear and hand gloves are some of the mandatory requirements for achieving staff hygiene. The employees should also have adequate cleaning equipment such as wipes & clothes, cleaning sprays and liquids, gloves, floorcare items and other hygienic tools that are necessary for promoting hygiene. Using the right cleaning tools can make a big difference in assuring employee safety and as well as customer safety.

Some of the cleaning chemicals that are highly mandatory for restaurants are;

  • Dishwasher detergent
  • Glasswasher detergent
  • Floor cleaner
  • Degreaser
  • Hand wash or soaps
  • Floor polish
  • Furniture Polish
  • Air Fresheners

Unhygienic food preparation will lead to an unhealthy environment which can quickly get you out of business. Nationwide Paper helps you maintain a safe environment with the wide range of cleaning chemicals and other products that we offer. Browse through our website, you will find all that you need to keep your restaurant as clean as possible on a daily basis.

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