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All your bathroom needs are at one-stop starting from Dispensers for Soap, Paper Towel, and Toilet Tissues to Air Fresheners, Disinfectants, Cleaning agents, and Descalers. We bring you the products from your familiar brands such as Selden, Jeyes, Flash, Duck, Oasis, Parozone, etc.

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Bleach 5-6% available Chlorine

Bleach is a concentrated bleach solution that kills a wide range of pathogenic bacteria, Ideal for general janitorial use in schools, hospitals etc

Plastic Tissue Dispenser (Compatible with C-Fold, Interleaved, and Multi-fold Towel)

An ultra-strong towel dispenser that fits a wide range of hand towels - from interleaved to narrow. Versatile design that fits interleaved, C-fold, Z-fold paper towels suitable for towels below 100mm folded depth. Easy to service and restock, this dispenser has a single towel dispensing system that minimises usage and wastage of paper. It's available in both large and small sizes.

Standard Centrefeed Centre-Pull Dispenser (White)

A space-saving dispenser that fits perforated centrefeed rolls and is designed for areas that require fast access to towels. A perfect choice for kitchens, gyms and garages that is easy to service and restock. The unique ‘tear-off' mechanism of the dispenser minimises paper waste and environmental impact.

Bleach Tablets 180 per tub

Effervescent chlorine sanitiser. Produces a powerful sanitising solution. Kills germs

White JOFEL Continuous Roll Paper Towel Dispenser

The paper roll turns and gets ready to be cut (manually) from this lever-activated towel dispenser. The inner blade is fully protected and without external access. Manufactured in white polycarbonate ABS of high quality and resistance. Accepts reels up to Ø 220 mm and arbour Ø 35 and 45 mm. Lock with a key, to load and front opening Level indicator, and hinged cover.

1ltr Soap Dispenser

Interchangeable pumps and containers, Alternative metal arm for hands free applications - BC233W-ELB, Made in the UK

Duck Toilet Cleaner Each (750ml)

Ideal for home and office use, General Cleaning, A little goes a long way

Dispenser 10" Rolls

10 Inch Roll Dispenser White Metal, A versatile and easy to use dispenser for couch rolls.

FLASH Clean & Bleach (750ml)

Cleans away tough grease and stains, Hygiene: contains bleach for efficient cleaning

Dispenser Bulk Pack

A compact dispenser which is excellent value and popular for use in smaller washrooms. The sturdy design makes this dispenser durable and fits perfectly in smaller spaces

LOO-CLEAN Strong Toilet Descaler 1Litre (Pack of 12)

For use on toilets, Not suitable for use on stainless steel surfaces

Dispenser Large Jumbo

Busy washrooms mean busy toilet tissue dispensers