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White C-Fold Flushable Towels (2ply, Pack of 2400)

A strong and hygienic solution to drying hands quickly and effectively. These flushable C-Fold 2ply recycled paper hand towels are high quality and very absorbent. Ideal for schools, offices, factories, public places and clinical environments. Effective infection control with the reduction of cross-contamination. These hand towels are also perfect for everyday drying and cleaning, from mopping up spills to cleaning stains.

White C-Fold Towel GOLD (2ply, Pack of 2400)

These highly absorbent 2ply pure paper hand towels are soft and are made from high-quality paper suitable for drying hands or wiping wet areas. These sheets can be used either on their own or within a dispenser much ideal for schools, businesses and homes. These C fold packs are individually wrapped in packs for easy installation into the dispenser.

White KATRIN One Stop Hand Towel (3ply, Pack of 2250)

High quality interleaved (one-stop), hand towels for everyday use. These are self-presenting towels, one sheet at a time maintaining hygiene and helps in reduced consumption. High-quality luxury 3ply pure paper towel that is highly economical and versatile, useful to dry hands and utensils, wipe surfaces and mop up spills quickly and efficiently.