White JOFEL Continuous Roll Paper Towel Dispenser

Lever activated towel dispenser, by using the lever, the paper roll turns and gets ready to be cut (manually) Inner Blade Fully protected and without external access, Manufactured in white ABS of high quality and resistance Accepts Reels Up To Ø 220 Mm And Arbor Ø 35 and 45 mm Lock with a key, to load and front opening Level indicator, and hinged cover

Product Details

Lever activated towel dispenser. Made of white ABS, high quality, and resistance. By using the lever, the paper roll turns and gets ready to be cut (manually). Keylock, level indicator, and hinged cover. Internal cutter completely protected, cannot be accessed from outside. Internal mechanism made entirely of high-quality ABS. Paper saving as quantity delivered is controlled. Simple internal mechanism, easily accessible. An easy and quick refill of paper, which is cut only at the moment of use. For rolls up to 220 mm. diameter, and Ø 35 and 45 mm mandrel. Easy to clean and maintain. Robust, resistant, hygienic, long-lasting life. Delivers paper towel 18 cm long per service. Ideal for places with high traffic of people. Particularly recommended for collectivities, offices, hospitals, clinics, etc.