Vacuum Storage Bags with Jumbo Hand Pump

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Vacuum Storage Bags with Jumbo Hand Pump | Nationwide Paper

  • JUMBO VACUUM STORAGE BAGS: Your clothing, duvets, bedding, pillows, cushions, and soft toys will be compressed by up to 75% with these strong vacuum storage bags. Store your vacuum-sealed bags beneath your bed, in your garage, closet, or loft, increasing your storage space by up to 4 times!
  • SIZE: Jumbo - 100x70 cm
  • QUANTITY: Pack of 8
  • COLOR: Clear
  • SEALER: These bags feature a turbo valve to efficiently remove air and a double zip seal to keep them compressed for an extended period
  • TRAVEL SPACE SAVER: Perfect for maximizing packing space when travelling, allowing you to minimize the amount of luggage you bring
  • SAVE MORE SPACE: These storage bags can be stacked, folded, or laid flat for versatile storage options, freeing up room in your home or luggage
  • PROTECTION: Prevents moisture, odors, mosquitoes, pests, and dirt from affecting your stored items